How to transcribe sheet music for your songs

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[This article was written by the folks at Sheet Music Plus.]

If you’re a guitarist or a songwriter, you may think that sheet music had it’s day in the sun some time ago and is now a fading product. Nothing could be further from the truth. 1 out of 10 Americans know how to read music. Most musicians learn to play via reading sheet music. It’s an important tool for easily collaborating with other musicians and building your fan base. So what do you do if your song only exists in your head? Get it transcribed into sheet music!

In music, transcribing means writing out a piece or musical thought that was previously not notated — for example, an improvised jazz solo. There are lots of situations when you, the musician, would need transcribing work done:

* “What was that riff again?” When you have lots of melodies and harmonies in your brain and under your fingers, it’s easy to get mixed up and forget subtle the details and nuances of every song. Having sheet music to read gives you a quick reference point if …read more

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