SoundOut, TuneCore Track Smarts, ReverbNation Crowd Review, AudioKite, and Music Xray Compared

By Brian Hazard

This is the story of a mediocre song. An objectively mediocre song. My song. Curse you, data! If you’re looking for unbiased feedback on your latest track, you’ve got five options. Well, five-ish. There’s SoundOut, which I wrote about way back in 2010. Then there’s ReverbNation Crowd Review and TuneCore Track Smarts, both of which are powered by SoundOut. Are all three SoundOut services the same? We’ll find out.

I reviewed AudioKite earlier this year, gushingly. A new and improved version launched just this month. Finally, Music Xray offers a diagnostics feature, which presents your track to 5 music professionals and 20 potential fans. Which is right for you?

Time for a good old-fashioned market research shootout!

I submitted a brand new Color Theory song to all five:

Pricing and Options

Of the three SoundOut flavors, ReverbNation Crowd Review offers the lowest point of entry at $10 for 20 reviews. TuneCore Track Smarts starts at $15 for 40 reviews. Both of these …read more

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