Why (not) Bandcamp? [Emily White]

By Guest Post By Emily White of Whitesmith Entertainment & Dreamfuel

Bandcamp is a platform I came across by accident in 2008. A platform I was seeking nonetheless, by asking everyone around me “Why isn’t there a way to sell music directly to fans easily in a way that makes sense?” A colleague had mentioned a platform with the name Band in it. I googled like crazy until I landed on Bandcamp (only to find out later the colleague had been referring to something else altogether). I emailed the contact on the site and instantly receive a response from Bandcamp’s founder, Ethan Diamond. Ethan had built a platform because he too was frustrated with how to compensate the artists he loved directly. Similarly, his musician friends were equally frustrated. Thus, Bandcamp was born.

For those of you that Bandcamp is new to, it is a seamless platform in which artists can sell their music to fans for any price; a price that they set. Meanwhile, users can stream select or all tracks, depending on what the artist stipulates. The result six years later from my fateful introduction to Ethan? Read it for yourself on Bandcamp’s homepage …read more

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