How to Balance Your Crazy College Course Load With Your Music Career

By welsh.dyl@gmail.com (Dylan Welsh) Image via scarletphoto.blogspot.com

Anyone who’s been through college knows that a full course load can be just as intense as a full-time job. Classes are particularly difficult because the work stays with you afterwards, as well as on weekends and holidays. Oftentimes, it can get very complicated to balance your life outside of school with the workload you are given, not to mention your music. Between the practicing, rehearsing, and gigging, music takes up a ton of time as well, usually occupying evenings and late nights. Though it’s a complicated and tedious balancing act, it is possible to be both an active musician and an excellent student. Here are four ways to maintain both sides of your life.

1. Know your priorities
The first thing you have to decide is where your priorities are: Are you a musician or a student first? This doesn’t mean you can’t do both, but you just have to be realistic about what comes first for you so that you can make some tough calls.
Let’s say you get invited to play a weekend, out-of-town gig. Would you be willing to miss a day of class? What if it was more than one? Would …read more

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