It’s Amazing That The Old Record Industry Existed In The First Place

By Guest Post By Philip Kaplan on Medium.com

The world was abuzz this week with reports that Taylor Swift removed her music from Spotify. She called the service “a grand experiment” and said she wanted no part of it. Music writer Bob Lefsetz said it’s just a PR stunt. 80’s rocker Sebastian Bach (who looks kinda like Taylor Swift) said that fans appreciate music more when they have to pay for it.

Who knows.
But we’ve all been told a million times that the old music industry is dying, record stores are gone, and labels are closing. More specifically, record execs who were around in the the 90’s miss the good ol’ days when albums went platinum. But here’s the thing.
Those who made a killing from the record business of yesteryear, should count their lucky stars that it ever happened in the first place.
The record business as most people know it, was just a short hundred-year blip in the 40,000 year history of the music business. A stopgap to solve a temporary problem that existed between the invention of sound recording (1890’s), and the invention of the internet (1990’s).
Few other art forms lets artists get rich off copies of their art.
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