The goal of this site is to help you make money while playing and/or creating music.

Why am I doing this?

After channeling my lifelong love of music into the path of making a living as a musician, I sadly gave up on that dream in 2002. My rumbling belly motivated me to transition into Consumer Electronics marketing, where over the course of the last 12 years I’ve gained valuable experience and success on a global level.

I believe that had known half of what I’ve learned about marketing and running a business in 2002 that I could’ve kept my dream alive.

It’s too late for me (maybe), but not necessarily for you.

Technology has driven the music industry to transform, and with that evolution it’s created a vast number of opportunities for the independent musician that were either not available previously or few in number.

Here’s your chance to make money doing what you love: let me help you. If you let me live vicariously through your success, then I’ll consider that a fair trade.