5 Ways to Impress Music Journalists With Your Promo Photo

By jamieludwig01@gmail.com (Jamie Ludwig)

Promotional photos serve many purposes for music journalists beyond just being something to feast our eyes upon. They introduce us to the people behind the music and help create or reinforce a narrative of a band, which can aid us in our writing process. They grab readers’ attention and can make more people inclined to check out a story. They sometimes even make our articles easier to read by breaking up otherwise dense chunks of text. We love promo photos and who can blame us?

One thing most people don’t know is that from where we’re sitting, the functionality of a promo photo is often as important as any other element. In our deadline-centric worlds, we need to round up artwork fast, and those images often have to meet exacting standards of size or style (for example, some magazines won’t run live shots outside of concert reviews). With all of that in mind, here are five elements essential to music journalists when it comes to promo photos.

1. Accessibility
What’s the use of great press photos if they can’t be easily found? Don’t let the words “Google image search” ever enter even the laziest journalist’s …read more

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