5 Things You Should Always Do After Playing a Gig

By kathleen.parrish@hotmail.com (Kathleen Parrish) What to do after the final bow. (Image via tbo.com)

You just played an awesome show – but now what? Even though the gig is over, there’s still work to be done. Some tasks need to be taken care of while you’re still at the venue, while others should be completed in the following days. Here are five things you should always do after every gig, no matter how big or small it may be.

1. Eat
When you’re playing a show, you’re high on adrenaline. You’re burning more calories than you’d think, which can leave you feeling quite tired after the show is over. Make sure to grab a bite to eat after the show to replace the energy you spent. In most cases, the venue should offer band discounts on food and drink, which is always great for after your set.

2. Thank the venue manager and sound tech
After your set is over, make sure you thank the venue manager and sound tech. Sound technicians rarely get as much appreciation as they should, so they’re bound to remember those who took the time to thank them for their hard work. Showing gratitude to the sound tech and …read more

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