4 Blog Post Ideas to Hold Your Fans' Attention

By Carla Jean Whitley Image via doandroidsdance.com

The musician’s life isn’t always glamorous. But the average fan doesn’t have an understanding of what that life is really like – and they’re often eager to find out. Sharing your story by blogging can help build a lasting fan relationship. None of this has to be complex; a few good sentences or a photo that offers insight into who you are and what you’re doing will keep your fans interested whether or not you’re releasing new material.

If you don’t already have a blog, start by signing up on a free platform such as WordPress, which offers a great deal of customization; Blogger, which is incredibly user-friendly; or Tumblr, which is especially good for pictures. There are plenty of reasons to choose one over another, but the most important part is that you start posting sooner rather than later. Here are four ways to keep your audience engaged through blogging.

1. Live-blog your tour
You know that touring typically means a lot of time in a crowded van, some couch surfing, and catching a glimpse of a town if you’re lucky. Even so, take your listeners behind the scenes to give them a taste of …read more

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